What is ScarWork?

ScarWork treats scars caused by accidents or surgery.

It is used to improve feeling and functionality in the scar and surrounding tissues, creating better movement between the layers of the skin, fascia (connective tissue) and muscle.

Will my scar change?

Scars often appear smaller, flatter, lighter and less prominent but the emphasis is on the underlying tissue changes. As the dense scar tissue reduces and the tissue health recovers, nerve impairment such as numbness, pain, itching, irritation or extreme sensitivity often improves.

Treatments are pain-free, making them ideal for children or anyone with extremely sensitive scars, working at your level of comfort, over time sensitivity can be improved as the nerves in the scar area relax and desensitise. Most people hate to have their scars touched and I am aware of it as I have many scars myself but eventually that work is going to change not only the appearance of the scar or the getting movement back but it will also help you emotionally. It is very powerful.

Problems from scar tissue can cause wider issues in our body, for example the most common secondary problem from caesarean scars is lower back and pelvic pain. The sacrum, which is at the base of your spine, is an essential component to movement. Adhesions can form between the scar area and the sacrum and these tight bands of scar tissue can stick together tissues, organs, muscles and ligaments that should not be connected, restricting movement and putting strain on the body. In turn other areas of the spine try and compensate for the lack of mobility around the sacrum, leading to further problems and causing backache.

How does it work?

ScarWork therapy works directly on the scar tissue and the therapist will also use specially developed movements across the surrounding area to release any underlying adhesions and work towards clearing restrictions of movement between the tissues organs and muscles.

Our nerves, blood vascular and lymphatic vessels are wrapped in layers of connective tissue or fascia. Changes that occur to the scar and nerve function are usually permanent. Tightness in surrounding tissues is reduced helping restore normal muscle function. Knots and tight ropey scars are softened and loosened, ridges and holes can be minimised. Multiple treatments may be needed to gain the most benefit and response to treatment will vary for each individual.

As skin is healing after an operation or accident, different layers under the skin get adhered – stuck together – as the body rushes to close and heal the wound. ScarWork stimulates the area, these movements seem to encourage further natural healing to take place and helps to release these stuck layers to allow better function and movement in the scar and surrounding tissues.

Can you treat old scars?

Yes, It is never too late…scars can be very old and still improve with ScarWork treatment.

Many different kinds of scars can benefit from this specialised scar massage. It is important that before treatment scars are healed, dry and infection free. Scars could be the result of an accident, operation, including cosmetic surgery, or a burn.

Abdominal surgery        Abdominoplasty           Appendix removal

Breast augmentation    Caesarean section       Cancer surgery

Knee surgery                Mastectomy                 Open heart surgery

Portacath and tube/drain sites      Spinal surgery     Childhood injury

Facial scars                  Foot surgery              Gallbladder removal

Hip replacement           Hysterectomy

ScarWork was developed by Sharon Wheeler from Seattle, USA. Sharon is a Rolfer, or Structural Integration therapist who trained with the founder of Rolfing Dr Ida P. Rolf in 1970. Throughout her career Sharon developed the ScarWork techniques and having established that these techniques were completely unique and able to stimulate change other scar tissue treatments were not able to produce she began a training programme.

  • “I first worked with Sandrine and her team at Sandrine’s Pilates in February 2010 where she tailored a Pilates session especially for my ‘On Camp with Kelly’ initiative. Since then Sandrine and her team have been involved with many Kelly Holmes Education programmes.  I am really impressed by Sandrine’s knowledge, enthusiasm, professionalism and her ability to adapt each session to include elements of challenge, learning and development. Believe me when I say one of Sandrine’s  sessions makes you alert and gets you switching on your core muscles!”

    Dame Kelly Holmes Double Olympic Champion
  • “Sandrine has really helped me to re-educate my training on my core stability, flexibility and balance. I enjoy learning new ways of testing my ability and challenging my body. Sandrine has been such a great support with this over the years and I love going to the studio to use specialist equipment.”

    Louise Darby Great Britain Sitting Volleyball Player
  • “BarrePlus classes at Sandrine’s Pilates studio really changed my body shape. I am now the smallest and strongest I have ever been. Classes are very challenging but fun too. At Sandrine’s Pilates I have not just changed my body and posture but I have made friends too, it is very social and friendly.”

    Jane Sulton NHS Nurse
  • “I have been referred by my osteopath to go to Sandrine’s after a major surgery in my lower back. Her expertise, encouragement, support and patience help me in my recovery. I would never have been able to go back to my daily tasks without her help. I even went back skiing last year. Thank you.”

    Richard Parker Barrister

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