Why Should You Do TRX?

 In Sportive

It’s for anyone.
People who like yoga and Pilates tend to like TRX because there are some crossovers. But it’s also great for runners, cyclists, or anyone who is an endurance athlete and wants to have more strength training. Even reluctant “power lifters” are usually swayed by the workout once they see how effective it can be at building muscle.

It’s beginner-friendly.
Another reason to try a TRX class — it’s easy to tweak exercises to your own level of difficulty and ramp up when necessary. It’s all user-defined. You determine how hard or how easy you really want to go. So the advanced and the beginners can work out in the same class and get what’s right for them.
The cardio-strength training connection.
Don’t think it’s just your muscles that you’re working. TRX exercises target different parts of your body while also raising your heartbeat. Many exercises done on the TRX suspension cables incorporate so many muscles, which require oxygen. This increases your heartbeat and breath as you hold a move or perform your reps, making many TRX exercises superefficient, integrated strength and cardio moves.

It beats boredom.
Two suspension straps — infinite ways to use them. You can do it all with TRX, from lunges to planks to upper body resistance exercises. And the best part is that your workouts can change as many times as you want them to. That means that both your mind and your body will stay challenged with all the ways you can mix up your workouts.

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