Why should men do Pilates?

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I get the questions all the time. Men think Pilates is for women. They think Pilates is relaxing and very low pace. WRONG! For your personal information guys, Joseph Pilates was a man, he also was an athlete and was mainly teaching men at the time. Pilates is pretty hardcore ( it is up to you to choose to do Pilates in a dodgy place or a church hall with an instructor who has no clue what Pilates is really about, do your homework and get a good instructor!).

At the studio we have 30% men coming to our reformer and TRX classes. We are now starting more Mat Pilates based classes targeting mens needs. We are also adding Pilates chair classes for our more advanced clients.

Men benefit from Pilates as it is a focusing on their core ( let’s face it, men are usually pretty weak down there:). It doesn’t only work you hard on your core but it is a total-body strength-conditioning, increased flexibility ( another one that men will definitely benefit from). It also decreases injuries and improves posture, function and mobility. Pilates is the perfect exercise method for longevity, ¬†enhanced quality of life and improved sense of confidence and well-being!

Men should do Pilates because:

1-  It is not age specific, from children to seniors we can challenge you

2- Men who attend the gym regularly often require muscle balance and re-alignment

3- Pilates IS the real challenge and is much harder than you think

4 – The feel-good factor from practising Pilates is not gender related

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