Mat Classes

A Pilates mat class, which uses your own body weight for resistance. These classes assist in improving core strength and overall flexibility. You will also use Pilates apparatus during the class. There are different levels of mat work to fit your needs. Beginner, Intermediate, Advance and Mixed abilities.

Barre Plus

This is a mix of Ballet, Pilates and Aerobics. Anyone who has ever dreamed of a dancers body should give BarrePlus class a whirl. Barre classes are the number 1 workout in the States and BarrePlus adds the little plus to the method. This class combines movements from Pilates and Ballet using small controlled isometric exercises that leaves the body lean and strong. The method integrates the fat-burning format of interval training with muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely reshape the entire body. Its non-impact, one-hour workout targets all major muscle groups and improves posture. The result is amazing and really fast! Featuring sculpted arms, flat abs, a lifted seat, and elongated thighs. People see a difference in less than a month.


TRX Suspension Training gives athletes or sedentary people of all levels a complete total-body workout. Designed by a Navy SEAL as a go anywhere workout, this set of nylon straps creates resistance from two sources always at your disposal: body weight and gravity. While most fitness equipment relies on weights, elastic or pulleys for resistance, the TRX employs people body weight and simple physics to create an unlimited range of resistance and a complete range of functional motion across hundreds of exercises. Men’s Health Names TRX as 2010 “BEST TOTAL BODY TOOL”! Don’t wait and get that strong body now!


Rebounding is a safe, effective and fun low impact exercise (when using a good quality rebounder) that involves performing exercises on a special mini trampoline using specific controlled movement patterns and rebound techniques that provide a myriad of health and fitness benefits.

Foam Roller Trigger Points Classes

The foam roller class is a great one to loosen the tension in your muscles, it provides an excellent way of obtaining the benefits of self-myofascial release. The class is suitable for people of all sporting abilities and is useful especially for runners wanting to know how to effectively use the roller for massage of the large muscle groups following training and distance runs. Also suitable for those wanting to know how to incorporate the roller into a maintenance routine to alleviate tight muscles. The class will concentrate on achieving an effective core body workout, essential for stabilising the back and pelvis.


Standing Pilates was created by Joan Breibart, founder of PhysicalMind Institute New York that we represent in Europe. Standing Pilates is more functional and practical than ordinary mat classes as you continually focus on posture. It also helps develop co-ordination and balance in relation to gravity. Benefits of the work include building stronger bones, better balance, great for pelvic floor, conditioning and improved posture. It will definitely give you flatter abs, tone legs and buttocks, a longer leaner look. We use the Tye4 which is a bungees that attach to your hand and feet to give you resistance.

Mums and Babies

Join us for our special Mum & Baby Pilates classes where you can come along and bring your baby with you.  No more trying to find childcare! Whilst you exercise, your baby can be next to you on the mat or in their car seat or whatever suits you both. If you need to feed your baby during the class, that is no problem. It is also a great class to meet new mums and their babies.

Pilates is famous for helping new mums to get their figures back after baby is born. At the studio our mums and babies class are specially designed for these yummy mummies. We will be working on pelvic floor, core stability and overall body conditioning.


Pilates works on some of the most important muscle groups for pregnancy. These are the abdominals, pelvic and back muscles, which are used greatly during the entire pregnancy period as well as labour. Feel strong and pain free as your body is changing.

At Sandrine’s Pilates our Pregnancy class is the best you can find as it is specially designed by a midwife and by Sandrine herself, mother of 5 children.



Up to 4 people using the reformer/tower. The reformer can be adjusted to suit your individual body shape, your personal ability to perform an exercise, your flexibility or strength. That class tones your muscles and strengthen your core, providing an invigorating total body workout.


 The reformer is converted to use the Tower portion. This allows us to use the roll down bar and push through bar found on the traditional Cadillac pilates apparatus.

The whole body can be worked to create a leaner, stronger and more flexible body.



It’s designed to get results faster, offering a varied work out mix, creating long, lean and balanced muscles. The Chair specifically targets the core but it doesn’t stop there.. it tones, strengthens and stretches nearly every muscle in the body and improves balance.
  • “I first worked with Sandrine and her team at Sandrine’s Pilates in February 2010 where she tailored a Pilates session especially for my ‘On Camp with Kelly’ initiative. Since then Sandrine and her team have been involved with many Kelly Holmes Education programmes.  I am really impressed by Sandrine’s knowledge, enthusiasm, professionalism and her ability to adapt each session to include elements of challenge, learning and development. Believe me when I say one of Sandrine’s  sessions makes you alert and gets you switching on your core muscles!”

    Dame Kelly Holmes Double Olympic Champion
  • “Sandrine has really helped me to re-educate my training on my core stability, flexibility and balance. I enjoy learning new ways of testing my ability and challenging my body. Sandrine has been such a great support with this over the years and I love going to the studio to use specialist equipment.”

    Louise Darby Great Britain Sitting Volleyball Player
  • “BarrePlus classes at Sandrine’s Pilates studio really changed my body shape. I am now the smallest and strongest I have ever been. Classes are very challenging but fun too. At Sandrine’s Pilates I have not just changed my body and posture but I have made friends too, it is very social and friendly.”

    Jane Sulton NHS Nurse
  • “I have been referred by my osteopath to go to Sandrine’s after a major surgery in my lower back. Her expertise, encouragement, support and patience help me in my recovery. I would never have been able to go back to my daily tasks without her help. I even went back skiing last year. Thank you.”

    Richard Parker Barrister

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